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Air Conditioning

What does air con do excactly?

Car air con is responsible for maintaining cooling and heating levels within a vehicle, as well as providing defrosting, demisting, filtration of the air and humidity control, which impacts driver and passenger safety and, in turn, the safety of the vehicle being driven.

Vehicle air conditioning helps to enhance general road safety through offering drivers and passengers alike a more comfortable environment in which to travel. Drivers will feel more alert, less prone to drowsiness, and be afforded greater visibility in poor weather conditions. In particularly cold weather, car air con has the distinct advantage that it can be used to direct air to evaporate moisture on the car windscreen far faster than a standard screen-heater can and also that it will effectively demist all the vehicle’s windows. In hot and muggy weather the moisture can be removed from the air coming into the car, leaving the occupants free to enjoy the surrounding warmth if they wish without a feeling of stuffiness. Furthermore, in permitting the car windows to remain closed whilst in operation, the aerodynamics of the car are kept to an optimum level; this minimises fuel consumption and keeps external noise to a minimum too. Using car air conditioning also ensures that any vehicle remains pleasant and odour-free during a journey. Once in a while when you get your car serviced, it is recommended that you have a car air conditioning service.


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