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Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF)




A Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) is now fitted to many modern vehicles, they are used mainly in conjunction with the diesel engine but they can also be found in certain cars with petrol engines.


The easy way to explain a DMF is that it is simply a flywheel split into two parts containing damper springs in the centre. The two parts (masses) of the flywheel move in opposition to each other, and the damper springs act like a large shock absorber within the transmission.


The purpose of the DMF is to absorb engine vibrations far more efficiently than the conventional method, the clutch driven plate. This is vital if we are to maintain the smooth running of diesel engines and to eliminate vibrations through the drive train. More and more we are increasing the vibration and shock found within modern vehicles by adding extra equipment, air conditioning and power steering to name but two.


Dual mass flywheels undertake a tremendous work load within today’s modern cars, they have to withstand excessive torque and extreme working conditions. Many light commercial vehicles utilize the DMF and high failure rates with certain types have been experienced – solid flywheel conversion kits are available for some cars and vans.


The DMF has become an integral working part of the clutch system and a considerable amount of natural wear takes place inside the unit.

Dual Mass Flywheels should in most cases be changed every time the vehicles clutch is replaced, it has been proved on numerous occasions that it is false economy not to do this.


If your vehicle is fitted with a dual mass flywheel and your garage or workshop is recommending replacement then we strongly advise that this work is carried out. This can appear expensive at the time but failure to do so can result in you; our customer having to pay for the whole job a second time. The gearbox and clutch will have to be removed a second time in order to replace a failed flywheel. You would never fit a new door lock and use the old key, why try to do this with a component as vital as your vehicle’s flywheel.

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